Thesis: Divide & Conquer Propaganda

Sample Thesis Paper

Divide & Conquer is a propaganda strategy that is frequently used to cause rifts between a particular group and sect. The purpose of this strategy is to weaken the group and/or sect by causing the development of conflicting groups within it  (Jenks). This causes the group and/or sect to break down into smaller groups/sects, rendering it incapable of functioning as a unit and eventually weakening it enough to take control over.


Doublespeak is a method of communicating in which words are presented in a manner such that they are clearly presented but their meaning is kept purposefully concealed  (Jenks). In this manner of propaganda, the meaning of the communicated message is contorted so that it appears to be anything than what it actually is.


Euphemisms are very similar to doublespeak but differ in the fact that Euphemisms call for the replacing of original and literal words by others so that the impact of the words is relatively lesser  (Jenks). By doing so, the audience is presented an image of reality that differs from what is truly present in terms of the intensity of the situation and/or its magnitude.

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