Thesis: A Division Manager’s Response to Recession

Sample Thesis Paper

According to the responses give by the Division Manager, it was observed that Recession fundamentally comes across as a contraction in which the organization moves from operation on a nominal base to one in which there is contraction aimed at bringing about correction. The Division Manager perceived the recession as one that served to bring about a positive reaction in the organization and that brought forth the significance of effective and efficient risk management.
The Division Manager considered the severity of the economic recession to have been of a severe nature for the industry. The next question sought to acquire an elaboration of the degree to which the recession had been intense and the Division Manager, after identifying the industry to be that of construction, elaborated that the recession had a negative implication on the construction and had brought the industry to a standing where no improvement had been observed until now. This came in compliment to the response to the next question in which the respondent was asked whether or not whether or not the recession had managed to have an effect on the organization; the response to which was recorded to be in affirmative.
It is of the utmost importance to highlight at this point that this question was one that was augmented into the research in an attempt to highlight whether or not the recession had had an implication on the organization while earlier questions had sought to establish the reaction of the organization to the recession. The exact implications of the recession, as per the Division Manager’s response was one that had little impact in its initial stages but was beginning to show long term consequences. The Division Manager was also observed to be of the opinion that the current economic recession had indeed had implications on the organization and had not only effected the organization but also the manner in which the organization perceived and performed business.

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