Thesis: Doctor Patient Confidentiality in Criminal Justice

Sample Thesis Paper

Perhaps the greatest example of this confidentially agreement between an individual and a health, law or religious representative is one of attorney client privilege or even doctor patient confidentiality. This form of relationship is essential between a client and his attorney or his doctor since it creates an atmosphere of trust between them where the client can reveal information without fear of incrimination. The importance of this in the case of lawyers is of course to prepare the best defence for their client, in case of doctors to provide the best health care for their patients, in the case of wives to speak with their husbands without fear of incriminating them.

The main purpose of this is of course to ensure that the professional and the individual who is a criminal have a singular goal rather than two separate ones. However, it must be said that unlike the profession of law, the establishment of ethical boundaries in other profession is not straight forward (Pollock, 2008). If we take an example of court ordered counselling, psychotherapists providing this service must be careful to ensure an ethically sound treatment is provided. This is difficult since the ethical and confidentiality issues regarding treatment of criminals may be in direct contrast with those normally associated with patients in their profession (Shearer, 2003).

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