Thesis: Domestic and International HRM

Sample Thesis Paper

The differences in HRM practices between domestic and international venture can be seen in terms of the various variables, which gives the insight to the complexity of operating at multinational level. These variables are the attitudes of senior management; the industry (or industries) with which the multinational organization is involved; cultural environment; and the extent of reliance of the multinational on its home-country domestic market.

The Cultural Environment

Culture in HRM describes a shaping process. In other words, culture implies that members of a given society share a distinct way of life with common behaviors, values, and attitudes that are transmitted over time in a gradual, yet dynamic, process. In this regard, individuals are not born with a given culture, but acquired through socialization process. For example, the Americans liking for hot dogs is not inborn, but rather acquired through interaction with society (Boxall and Purcell 2003; Ruysseveldt and Harzing 2004).

In this context, international HRM involves interaction and movement of people across national boundaries, the essential aspect for human resources managers is an appreciation of cultural differences and when these differences are important in international scenes. In this connection, domestic shall pay attention to local, regional or national culture, which is opposed to international scene where much attention is paid to national differences found in the characteristics of organizations or/and their members (Von Glinow 2007). Therefore, at international level both macro-level variables of culture such as structure and technology used by firms across cultures and micro-level variable such as the values, attitudes and behavior of people within firms forms the culture with respect to the behavior of individuals within these firms maintaining their cultural specificity (Wilkinson and Redman 2006). This is in contrast to domestic HRM where it entirely focuses on the micro level only.

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