Thesis: The Doppler Ultrasound

Sample Thesis Paper

“Ultrasound has been a late starter in its application to medicine. Even during the period of vigorous growth in applying physics to medical problems which Val Mayneord and his contemporaries experienced following the war, ultrasound still had a somewhat secondary place to the innovations in nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy” (Duck, Baker, & Starritt, 1998).

Robotics has now been combined with modern day ultrasound technology to make ultrasound all the more effective and efficient. An ultrasound probe is affixed at the end of a robotic arm which is controlled by a computer operator. The operator maneuvers the arm to position the probe directly above the patient’s body at any point or location he wishes. The computer continues to take an input from the ultrasound imagery which is communicated to the operator who makes decisions regarding the intensity of the ultrasound sound waves and the area to subject to ultrasound imagery.

There are two forms of application through which modern day ultrasound is used. The first is the Doppler ultrasound through which the Doppler Effect is made use of. The fundamental working behind the ultrasound as per the Doppler effect is through the understanding that when an object in motion reflects ultrasound, the echo frequency undergoes a change and eventually becomes higher in the event that the object under observation is in movement that is directed towards the receiver (Radiological Society of North America, Inc., 2009). However, the response takes on an inverse property in the event that the object under observation is moving in a direction that is opposite to that from the receiver.

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