Thesis: Downfall of the Roman Republic

Sample Thesis Paper

It is also believed that it was the internal division that led to the eventual downfall of the Roman Republic; the internal division that led to the establishment of the Byzantine Republic and to the isolation of the other half in Italy. The Civil war of the 1860’s were results of internal turmoil that led Lincoln to express that a house divided against itself cannot be expected to last long (Abraham Lincoln Online, 2007). Very similarly, the internal conflicts in Rome led to the generation of an internal division in Rome. The political instability that ensued as power moved from one Roman emperor to another led to the development of ad hoc decisions that led to the generation of unstable outcomes.
If one was to analyze the specifics that led to the downfall of the roman republic and gain an understanding of the core of this paper, the following factors can be considered to be of prime importance concerning the downfall of the Roman Republic:
  • The Roman Republic was not being governed in its functions by a proper form of law held together by a constitutional infrastructure. Whereas for a republic as vast as Rome’s, the need for a proper and formal framework of law.
  • Whatever was present of the Roman republic’s political infrastructure had become extremely unstable and a paradox between the government and the people it ruled formed.
  • The formation of a state within the state had taken place when the plebians decided to seclude their practices and faiths from state governed affairs and then in 494 BCE, completely isolated themselves from any intervention from the state. Regardless of the future accession, the Roman government was still in subject to division in the times to come. The fabric of democracy had been damaged.

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