Thesis: Drawback of Mughal Rule

Sample Thesis Paper

However the fall cannot be attributed to the efforts of the Europeans alone. “A grave drawback of Mughal rule was the failure of the Mughal rulers to devote even a fraction of their treasuries on anything resembling modern education. Aurangzeb was especially skeptical about the relevance of modern science and technology. Whereas the European nations had begun to invest in printed books and public universities, the Mughal rulers demonstrated at best a passing interest in the sciences. As a result, even though the Mughal Empire under Aurangzeb had successfully fended off the expansion of European trading settlements in India, no durable foundation for the unity and scientific advancement of India had been laid by the Mughals. Mughal rule had left India largely incapable of dealing with the challenge of European military and cultural ascendance.” (South Asian History, 2009)

Their self-indulgences and shortsightedness are therefore valid factors that contributed to their decline. Similarly, they did not deem it worthy of their status to forge any alliances with neighboring princes and rulers of small kingdoms to fight a common enemy and this severe disunity made it easier for the Europeans to penetrate. Moreover, the feudalism and rigid class structures superimposed by the Mughal princes froze the loyalties of the common man in the Empire and their contribution towards the decision-making became more deplorable.

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