Thesis: Drug Abuse a Common Problem among Athletes

Sample Thesis Paper

It is essential to highlight at this point that drugs may be a regular part of an athlete’s daily intake. However, it is the abuse of drugs that causes the athlete to suffer.  The fact that one of the consequences of drug abuse is death is well known by almost everyone; yet, the knowledge of this fact does not serve to deter athletes from drug abuse if they can achieve success through it (Susic, 2009). The By hook or by crook mentality encourages them to engage in drug abuse and they eventually reach a point where they become addicted to it.

According to a research performed by the Social Policy Department that analyzed around seven hundred male and over six hundred female students, it was surmised that drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs that focus on consumption at a level that is around the tenth grade when students are beginning to get exposed to negative elements such as there are the most effective of drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs (Hays & Ellickson, 1996). It was established from this research study that responses received in the form of the actions of the student’s to these programs also served as ideal gradients of measurements to speculate possible deviant behavior in the youth at a later age.

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