Thesis: Drug or Alcohol Abuse among Athletes

Sample Thesis Paper

We can therefore surmise that it is not the consumption of either drugs or alcohol that is the problem, but the over dosage that is of concern. Over time, numerous bodies have been setup to provide athletes with the support, encouragement and assistance that they need to fight off any desires to engage in the abuse of any one of drug or alcohol abuse.

Abuse of drugs and alcohol causes the subjects and athletes in particular to experience an elevated state only temporarily, after which damage begins to take place and the athlete begins to suffer physical damage that is multidimensional in the fact that it damages not only the athletes health but also serves to destroy the athletes self-confidence because of the fact that the athlete is fully aware of the negative consequences of the excessive consumption of the substance and yet finds himself/herself engaged in it. The athlete begins to feel an internal form of guilt which persists during the athlete’s demonstrations of physical agility in which the physical damage caused because of the excessive intake of the drug or alcohol.

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