Thesis: Drug Trafficking of Heroin

Sample Thesis Paper

In 2009 efforts by the United Nations helped decrease the production of opium by 10% and also decrease the land used to cultivate it by 22%. However, according to the same report the United Nations has said that the amount of opium still produced in Afghanistan was more than 10,000 tons which was enough to meet the world supply for the next 2 years (Oppel).

Other areas in which the production is prevalent is in Mexico, Columbia and South East Asia. There are two main groups here which control the Heroin trade. The Mexican Mafia are primarily responsible for the trade within cities, while El Sindicato is responsible for all trade which occurs at the border. The typical unit of distribution of Heroin is known as a balloon which currently costs anywhere in between 10 to 20 dollars. Purity of the substance is variable according to areas but it typically holds a purity level of 75 to 85%. Currently Mexico represents the primary source of Heroin for markets in the United States (Brown).

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