Thesis: How Serious is Drug Trafficking to the Police

Sample Thesis Paper

To point out how serious drug trafficking is to the police force organization in the world, drug trafficking is closely connected to the other Transnational crimes like arms smuggling, illegal migration, terrorism, Corruption and money laundering. Additionally, the drug traffickers involve in the human smuggling and sex trafficking.

In this regard the paper infers that these extra criminal dealings that accompanies the drug trafficking is the source of additional financial resources. Whereby these funds are used to settle and facilitate the drug cartels activities. Some of these activities involves purchasing of the modern military equipment and settle their collaborating partners in the business who are corrupt police authorities, politicians and persons in the judiciary like lawyers and judges. Despite these challenges to the police unit, there are also social challenges posed to the society. These are; HIV/AIDS pandemic (John 2001) spread through intravenous drug use, high levels of violent crime, health effects to the consumers, human potential are wasted and drug consumption and addiction. In addition to that, there are economic and political effects (Christopher 2002). 

Some of the economic effects are distortion of financial institutions, undermining the national economies and creation of shadow economies that evade taxation authorities. While the political based effects are violation of the national borders, compromising the political administrative systems and results to the erosion of the rule of law. Furthermore, drug trafficking leads to manipulation of the state authorities by corrupting judges, police and politicians. The most affected continent today when it comes to the drug trafficking is the Eastern Asia.

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