Thesis: Dualism and Materialism

Sample Thesis Paper

Despite its similarities to dualism and materialism Searle rejects both these ideologies completely. Searle in rejecting the traditional roles of these two concepts in effect is what causes a problem in truly defining his theory. In fact at times in his book he speaks of materialism as a fact of life. He further says that the mysteries behind the functioning of consciousness will disappear once the biological workings of life are understood. In many Searle also does not describe why the levels of experiences that he is exploring have subjective properties. He does not account for the instances if an individual experiences a response to non physical stimuli, citing his own ignorance in the subject matter. He merely states his argument that if a person believes he is experiencing something then he is experiencing something saying that the reality of the experience is much more important than the actual existence of it.

In an effort to continue to reject the notion of duality and to maintain the essential nature of the qualia the author describe that thought the normal instances of qualia are due to the relations between two events which may be considered to be A and B. To think that A and B are the mutually exclusive reasons why these forms of qualia occur are false. Instead the author states that the main cause of such experiences is the existence of micro particles or structures which affect the macro phenomena that make up such experiences. Thus the causality of these events can only be understood by studying these micro particles.

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