Thesis: Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Sample Thesis Paper

The Early detection of breast cancer can help to cut down the risk factors. There are many different ways that be used to detect if there is a change in the breast tissue structure. Firstly, breast self- examination (BSE) is the considered to be the easiest way for the detection of breast cancer. It is recommended that the BSE is performed continually every month beginning at age 20 ( 2009). InĀ  this case it is mandatory that women should know what their breast looks like because the core of this detection technique lies in the noticing of any change that may have occurred that is unnatural or out of the ordinary.

For instance, skin dimpling, color change in skin and an apparent change in the shape of the nipple are factors that should be considered primarily. If any changes are detected, the subject is advised to refer to a doctor as soon as possible because it only when breast cancer is successfully diagnosed at an early point when it has a strong chance to be treated and for the patient to completely recovers. It is therefore better to detect breast cancer as soon as possible rather than to wait for damaging signs (womenshealth 2008).

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