Thesis: The Economy Crumbles

In the movie, the economy crumbles and James Bretton tries all means to seek funds to save his firm from collapsing. He organizes fundraiser and borrows from friends. In a real economy, the bursting of the economic bubble is similar to the one experienced in the movie. This is because the financial institution gets solvent, consumer securities and real estates lose value and loss in investors confident.

The investors’ confidence declines in the movie where the Chinese firm refuses to invest in the fusion research but opts for the fossil fuels. In efforts to remain afloat economic, many economies and global firms begin to borrow funds from other economies and other international lending institutions such as the World Bank. in respect to the movie, Gekko reveals to Jake that the only last option left is to borrow Winnie’s $100 million deposited in Switzerland which she agree to fund the fusion research.

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