Thesis: The Economy of UK

Sample Thesis Paper

Currently, the UK economy is known for a positive climate for investment with a strong transport infrastructure to supplement it. The economy is expected to experience considerable growth if foreign investment continues (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 2007). However, the recession has placed the economy into a budget deficit that has led banks to decrease lending in light of an unstable and somewhat unpredictable direction for development in the region.

In light of the global economic recession, banks in the UK have chosen to considerably redefine the manner in which they operate (Data Monitor 2003). Lending has seen a sharp decrease with some formerly leading banks choosing to terminate operations in the country altogether. The decrease in lending has been met by a subsequent and somewhat proportional decrease in investment, giving little support to the generation of capital (Data Monitor 2009). Stimulus packages put into place by the government promise little support in the short term with little promise for a fast recovery unless the government chooses to engage in extensive borrowing.

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