Thesis: The Economy

Sample Thesis Paper

Considering the degree of awareness that has developed amongst people across the world in the last few years, it has become natural for the people of today to attempt to find out cause and effect patterns in the societal structures within which they live. In this regard, people have begun to become increasingly concerned about the relationships that exist between their personal lives and the implications that social problems have upon them. This paper shall attempt to highlight the numerous differences that one may find between the two perspectives of the media and that of a sociologist and shall attempt to elaborate upon the numerous causes that lead to the development of this discrepancy between the perspectives developed by both on the same social problems.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, the media has begun to take an active interest and has begun to carry out a highly active participation in “social constructionism” (Stam, 2001) through talk shows and focus group based shows that bring social problems to the forefronts of discussions and allow people to gain an insight into the numerous intricacies of social problems that plague the modern day society. However, as the media has attempted to do so, there have been numerous occasions where a perspective presented by the media on a social problem is the complete opposite of the perspective that a sociologist would develop to the same problem.

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