Thesis: Effects of Absence of Proper Nutrition

Sample Thesis Paper

It was observed that the provision of proper nutrition as a basic human right is centrally present as an issue in countries that are underdeveloped. It was also observed that the segment of society that is ailed the most as a result of the absence of proper nutrition is that which constitutes children below the ages of five (Brundtland). This absence of proper nutrition is leading to the prevalence of numerous ailments and diseases that can be prevented in their incidence by simply assuring the presence of appropriate nutrition. In this regard it was observed that the provision of proper nutrition is becomes highly difficult since resources are scarce and the provision of adequate provision is hampered by obstacles such as those that are of political and geographical regard.

“We also know just how far from this gold standard we remain. We live in a world where inequity, poverty, underdevelopment, as well as maldistribution and inadequate access to food, health and care still prevail” (Brundtland).


Judging by the discussion presented above, it would be fair to conclude that basic nutrition is in essence a right that all individuals hold regardless of their age, race, ethnicity or any other form of classification. Therefore, the thesis of the statement does indeed hold true. It is also clear that much needs to be done and that there is a strong need to bring together and align efforts across the world to ensure that adequate nutrition is in easy access of every individual in the world and is most definitely present in cases of prenatal development.

It is imperative to provide basic nutrition as a human right to all individuals. By doing so, not only will countless health issues be dealt with but the provision shall also serve as an iconic resemblance of equality amongst men.

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