Thesis: Effects of Economic Downturn on Dubai’s Construction Market

Sample Thesis Paper

As the global recession has its effect worldwide the economic turndown has also dented the construction market especially companies located in Dubai and Bahrain had severe impact on the economy. It is estimated that four projects which were valued around AED 17 Billion were terminated during the last financial year. The causes of these terminations were quiet different it ranged from impact from client financing, the feasibility of the projects, and the risk factor associated with the contractors (Murray and Roberts 2009).

Details of projects that were affected by the recession includes the Tameer Towers which was supposed to be build in Abu Dhabi and valued around AED 6.2 Billion but the project was terminated by the client even before the foundation was complete.

Another example of recession effected project is of Trump International Hotel and Tower on Palm Jumeirah the project appreciated around AED 3.3 Billion and it was terminated by the clients even thought the substructure work was partially completed (Joshi 2009).

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