Thesis: Effects of Global Warming on Amazon Rainforest

Sample Thesis Paper

In addition, deforestation is already a recognized and a visible threat to the Amazon rainforest, but when combined with Global Warming, the entire equation takes on a significantly more severe form. The Amazon rainforest is already observing a steady decrease in the frequency of rainfalls in the dry season (Betts, Malhi, and Roberts). As a result, the Amazon rainforest can be expected to suffer from water stress. Already the temperature is rising a quarter degree centigrade per decade. While there is no doubt that plant life in the forest has a tendency to grow stronger with the passage of time, research has shown that even old trees begin to die out as they fail to grow deeper towards underground moisture with time (Amazonia). Simulations drawn up for the future have shown that there is a need to understand the current patterns of the implications of Global Warming on the Amazon rainforest in order to fully comprehend the implications of Global Warming that may take place in the future. The Amazon rainforest is currently threatened from a number of factors:
These seasonal forests may be resilient to seasonal drought, but are likely to face intensified water stress caused by higher temperatures and to be vulnerable to fires, which are at present naturally rare in much of the Amazonia. The spread of fire ignition associated with advancing deforestation, logging, and fragmentation may act as nucleation points that trigger the transition of these seasonal forests into fire-dominated, low biomass forests (Amazonia).

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