Thesis: Effects of Poor Press Strategies

Sample Thesis Paper

Poor press strategies, on the other hand, can reduce a president’s effectiveness with the press. In 1960s withholding information on a cardinally important issue which can then be revealed from other sources was viewed as poor press strategy, as was the case with Kennedy withholding information about Khurshchev’s ultimatum on Germany in June 1961. However, press strategies alone do not determine presidential effectiveness with the press. A proof of this is indicated by the fact that the high press-visibility approach adopted by Kennedy in September 1962, involving press conferences, policy announcements, and a military buildup did not turn the press away from the Republican critique. Partisanship was found more effective in that scenario.

The press becomes a challenge for the president if he is going through a period of indecision; as was seen in the early stages of Berlin crises, in this case, the void created causes confusion and questioning by the supporting as well as opposing parties which sensitize the press to the issue. The press also becomes a challenge when the opposition parties exploit the press partisanship and magnify an issue; this was the case with the issue of Cuba during an election which later on caused problems in the Vietnam issue.

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