Thesis: The Effects of Ultrasound

Sample Thesis Paper

The effects of ultrasound can be broadly classified to fall in to two categories. the primary effects of ultrasound are those that include cavitation, sound pressure and absorption. Small bubbles may form as a result of the ultrasound in the event of the termination of the cohesion forces between intermolecular forces (Kellermayer, 2009). The sound pressure may cause the subjection of directed pressure on the object being subjected to the pressure in a manner such that the pressure experienced by the object is in direct proportionality to the intensity of the ultrasound. A third primary implication that may take place as a result of ultrasound application is absorption in which an increase in temperature is caused as a result of the absorption of energy on the part of the molecule. The rate of absorption in this case is one that relies on the distance travelled and frequency.

The secondary effects are relatively complex and incorporate mechanical, chemical and biological implications. Cleansing and dispersing effect may be observed in the event that the particles begin to resonate exceedingly. In the event that the cleansing effect does not take place, a dispersing effect may occur. The chemical implications of the application of ultrasound include the incidence of reactions such as condensation of iodine or oxidation. The biological implications include more diverse effects such as the development of scenarios incorporating fungicidal, batericidal and other complex effects.

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