Thesis: Efficiency of Hydro Power

Sample Thesis Paper

Hydropower is the largest source of renewable energy used today. As well as being the largest it is also the most efficient way of producing electricity. Hydropower produces almost 97% of the world renewable energy. These numbers alone demonstrate the type of lead that hydropower has over it’s competitors, wind and solar power. This renewable energy does not have negative effects on the environment after it’s construction process, therefore meaning no air pollution is produced.

Large areas of water surrounding a dam can also be used by the people living in the surrounding areas for different kinds of water recreational activities, some of which possibly wouldn’t have been possible due to the terrain of some rivers. As well as being more efficient when it comes to environmental impact, Hydropower also takes the lead when it comes to maintenance and the production cost per kilowatt-hour (kwh), which estimates to be the cost of around one cent. This is half the price of nuclear power around a third of the price of fossil fuels and a quarter of the price of natural gas. (Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company, September 2004)
















Comparing hydropower to other power systems renewable and non renewable, it seems like the best choice for use in this day and age. Even though we have wind and solar power, due to financial purposes this compels us to look for other options for the time being. Hydropower is the best path to take towards looking after the environment for the future, it is the most efficient system of producing electricity today, environmentally and financially.

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