Thesis: Efficient health care market

Sample Thesis Paper

Hopefully, through the serious economic analysis our nation will be able to see more efficient health care market, which can benefit both consumer and provider without limiting access to care for low income consumers. The most importantly, we as a future health care leaders, should rebuild our health care and economic system in more appropriate and efficient way to benefit our nation, because if we are not going to do that, nobody will. US health care system must provide:

1. Increased coverage for the uninsured and underinsured.

2. Reduction in costs.

3. Increased profitability to continue to draw talented people.

4. Increased care quality

Health care costs have been rising, and now somewhere between thirty-seven and thirty-nine million Americans are widely said to be without medical care coverage (Stelzer, 2006).

The US government and healthcare organizations need to keep the best of our existing standards of medical care and extend it to all citizens without turning to the government to pay for and control the whole system. But we also need to reduce the veritable hemorrhage of medical costs. Health care demands have often been considered infinite. Although this may be an exaggeration, in today’s environment it is obvious that wants are greater than the resources available to meet them. Therefore, choices must be made between competing wants, and decisions must be made about which wants will be met and which will be left unmet. Economics provides an efficient mechanism for making those decisions.

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