Thesis: Efficient Management of Cash Flows

Sample Thesis Paper

The importance of cash flows and the need for cash flows in companies was emphasised in both the primary sources and secondary sources of the research. The case study of two companies also revealed that efficient management and speeding up of cash flows was necessary to achieve better operating conditions and cope with any significant changes in the economy. It has been found from the current research that there are various techniques which can be applied to speed up cash flows in companies and these techniques are mostly based on the effective management of current assets and liabilities in a company.

The comparison of two companies included in the case study revealed that these techniques are usually applied in a similar fashion with slight variations within an industry. The information obtained after interpretation of primary and secondary data underlines the importance of free cash flows and the speeding up of cash flows for companies in all industries and not just the retailing industry especially in the current scenario where companies are severely affected by the financial crisis and liquidity crunch. It was observed from the collected data that companies not only speed up cash flows for operating functions but also to take advantage of various opportunities that may be present from time to time.

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