Thesis: Einstein as a Dedicated Pacifist

Sample Thesis Paper

Einstein was a dedicated pacifist. He and several other scientists signed a peace manifest during the First World War in an effort to end hostilities. He also supported many other causes such as the release of political prisoners and the importance of democracy. He felt that any society that forced its law upon its citizens was merely forcing them to act in the lowest forms of morality (Fred Soto, 2007).

He defended the rights of all religions to exist. He often said that his pacifism was an inborn reaction to the disgust he felt towards the murder and killing of his fellow man.

He wrote two books before his death which acted as his self portraits. He spoke about how his entire life had been led by his very nature and how much he loved the study of physics and matter. He felt the laws of science and ethics were based on the same principles. He spoke about his many inspirations and the things that most deeply affected him. He also studied philosophy, believing that mankind’s worldview should be balanced between the realms of hard science and spirituality, that they were both from the same roots. He felt that universities and churches served to mobilize the individual man which was their true purpose since they were originally clerical schools. He saw that man was a social animal and that his very survival depended on his relations with the members of his community.

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