Thesis: Einstein and his Effects on Society

Sample Thesis Paper

He was born in Germany on 14 March 1879 into a Jewish family in Ulm in the kingdom of Wurttemberg. His father was Hermann Einstein a salesman and an engineer, his mother Pauline Einstein. He was Albert Einstein the scientist, the mathematician, the philosopher, the moralist, the man (Galison, Holton, & Schweber, 218, 2008).

It would be criminal to talk about Albert Einstein without first talking about his scientific and mathematical achievements. At the age of 26 he revealed his theory of relativity to the world. At first it was named his special theory of relativity which ten years later became his general theory of relativity. The central idea behind the theory changed our perceptions of space time. This theory was an essential component in understanding the characteristics of space and time. The earlier theory proved that the ticking was dependant on the motion of the observer. While the later theory proved that other forces affected it as well such as the gravitational forces of the sun. This theory proved that light rays from distant stars could be deflected by the suns gravity field  (Feuer, 75, 1982). He illustrated this example using an eclipse. He also created the concept of a black hole which was first discovered in 1970 nearly 50 years after he first developed the theory.

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