Thesis: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Sample Thesis Paper

This was also applied to the thought process that considered the structure of the universe as an originally super cooled body which suddenly erupted in a burst of energy. This theory is commonly known today as the big bang theory. It forms the basis of the structure and evolution of the universe and also theorizes the age of our universe to be 10 billion years old. This was confirmed later through the dating of radioactive rocks.

His work in the field of photons led him to win the Noble prize in physics in 1921. His theory of the photoelectric effect is the bases for most modern technological devices including the television and radio. This theory also confirmed the atomic theory of matter and is the basis for the subject of quantum physics. His unified theory, which attempted to show the framework for how all the fundamental forces of nature acted on each other, was finished two years before his death. His last known work caused the development of a new branch of mathematics known as differential geometry. His last theory is still one of the most debated theories today (Galison, Holton, & Schweber, 258, 2008).

The most well known equation that had its origins from the theory of relativity is the one which shows the connection between mass and energy. He represented this in the equation E = mc^2. This formula proved that a small mass could release a huge reservoir of energy. The theory was one the main reasons that physicists found that the fission of the uranium atom yielded massive amounts of nuclear energy. Einstein played no role in the creation of the nuclear bomb during World War II. However he did sign a letter to President Roosevelt to take action against Hitler despite his nature as a pacifist (Galison, Holton, & Schweber, 73, 2008).

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