Thesis: Elaboration of Sexual Options

Sample Thesis Paper

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sexual options that are open to a person are immense in the modern day world and if one was to explore the element of exhibitionism in this regard, one will find that the element of exhibitionism is one that is much more vast and complex than the layman may give it credit for.

During my research, I myself was amazed to come across the fact that although depending upon their desire, a person may choose to be Asexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual, Homosexual or Pansexual (Block and Bakos), but the degree of sexual exhibitionism that the person chooses to adopt is an entirely different area since it is more than often a choice that the person makes.

When a person exercises one or the other form of exhibitionism, it is essential to note the person is more than often aware of the fact that social boundaries are being breached and that some of those present in the perimeters of the subject scenario who do not share the degree of sexual exhibitionism that the subject holds may be offended in some way (Eysenck and Gudjonsson).

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