Thesis: The Electrolyte Capacitors

Sample Thesis Paper

The electrolyte capacitor, are used when large amounts of capacitance is required. Instead of a thin metallic film, a semi fluid solution found in jelly or paste form is used as a dielectric.

The dielectric jelly is so thin that the electrolyte capacitor has the ability to produce very high capacitance Wayne, (2011). Unlike the previous capacitors, the electrolyte capacitors are polarized, this means that any DC voltage applied to any of its terminals must be the correct polarity. Due to the high capacitance they are used in DC power supply. The disadvantage of these is their low voltage that makes them un-usable on AC circuits. Electrolyte capacitors can be made from different materials; aluminum, tantalum or a combination of both. The MEMs capacitors are made from silicon, with those made from plates being fabricated mostly used for sensors and gyroscopes. They are mostly small parallel plate capacitors that offer small variations of capacitance Splung (2011).

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