Thesis: Emotional effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Sample Thesis Paper

Apart from the physiological, there is also the emotional aspect associated with undergoing GBP. Previously, the individual may have been distraught over excessive fat, ineffective medical treatment or impending heath problems, but now comes a whole different set o\f worries; getting adjusted to the changed diet, meal times, remembering to take supplements, dealing with side-effects (even though temporary) related to the gastro-intestinal system, and exercise. It has been seen that many people suffer from depression for the first few months after surgery (Elkins 2005) Energy levels are low and fatigue tends to set in early interfering in work or socialization. Thus strong support during this initial period is very important.

This drastic change in lifestyle can affect a number of issues in the patients life. First and foremost is marriage. It has been shown that divorce rates after weight loss surgery are significantly high. (Rand) the perception of oneself, that one has had for quite a while now, starts to change. There is also the realization that how others perceive oneself is also beginning to change. This can be quite overwhelming for some people as the new attention and interest might be disturbing. Relationships change, and the other spouse now has an attractive and confident spouse in place of the one that he/she was used to. The new found confidence may make the person over-excited and bursting to explore all the aspects of life that were previously not on the list. This change of interests, hobbies and activities may be unsettling for the other spouse.

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