Thesis: Emotional changes of GBS

Sample Thesis Paper

The surgery cannot be put to blame for all of this as the primary intention of the procedure is to prevent multi-system failure due to the morbid obesity and ensure quality of life. Any change requires adapting and balancing and so is the case with GBP, which can be life changing.

The negative change in emotional state resulting in the low energy levels and fatigue can affect work, play and sociability in a way that the positive effects of the surgery are diminished. However this is only temporary and depends on compliance and the will power of the individual. As food intake gradually increases and the diarrhea subsides, so will these symptoms resolves too, after all, more than 80% of the stomach’s capacity has been taken away. Again, a strong support system is necessary.

All these risks and side effects should be kept in mind, along with the evidence that suggests how successful these treatments are, and then the decision made. Usually the physician will do a risk analysis to determine if a candidate is suitable for surgery and then move ahead. This ensures minimum complications and mortality.

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