Thesis: Emotions Leading to Medical Problems

Sample Thesis Paper

In cases such as these, I would have to agree with Robert A. Harper and Albert Ellis in their perception of the fact that self therapy may be of more productive use than it is given credit for and the only method through which a person can determine one’s emotional standing (Harper & Ellis, 1975). It allows the subject to acquire an understanding of the causes and effects that fuel their nature and allows them a chance to see themselves heal (Gurman, 2008).

The emotional capabilities that a person possesses also serve to have profound implications on the person’s health and can even serve to contribute to medical problems that the person may face (Davis, Eshelman & McKay, 2008). These medical problems can very easily range from physical to mental. A person who remains in a continuous state of anxiety may end up acquiring depression, which the person may attribute to nothing more than a continuous subjection of anxiety whereas in reality, the person’s performance shall be dropping and the person will steadily become unable to perform his/her daily functions at optimal productivity levels.

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