Thesis: Emphasis on Relationships in Team Building

Sample Thesis Paper

The second approach is the emphasis on relationships wherein the team is trained to function better by ironing out areas of difficulty in the team. This approach requires the team members and team leaders to exercise an open approach regarding their feelings for each other. The approach considers the team leader in the same light as the team members and requires all of them to openly express the apprehensions that they hold (Heap, 1996). In order to do so, the training is organized so that members are encouraged to realize the apprehensions that they are harbouring regarding the team and every attribute of its functioning. Once each member has had an equal opportunity to express his/her apprehensions, the approach subsequently calls for the trainer to shed light on the positive developments that have come forth as a result of the open expressing of apprehensions by each member.

Emphasis on Purpose

The emphasis on purpose is the third approach to the development of teams through training and development. This is by far the most organized of the three approaches to team building. The approach starts from outlining the structure of the workshop and them moving on to divide the team in pairs. The approach calls for a mutually learning environment to be created in which each pair brings forth its apprehensions, experiences and feedback. The main theme of this approach is to allow the sharing and distribution of information across the team (Heap, 1996). Once the process of sharing has completed, the next step is to bring forth the barriers between the team that have been brought down as a result of the increased level of communication put into place by the training. The team is then made aware of how the training will allow it to function better in the future.

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