Thesis: Employee Recruitment Process

Sample Thesis Paper

The above paper allows us to conclude that there is no definite selection method that an organization can adopt and then continue to rely on it for an indefinite period of time. Job demands vary as do the demands of the organization from their recruits with time and it is therefore imperative to refrain from concentrating on a single selection method but to make use of multiple selection methods in a system where they function in either simultaneous or subsequent coordination. The discussion also allows us to perceive that organizations generally choose to make use of alternate selection methods and make use of a technique from a set of adopted selection methods when they wish to recruit and select. The type of selection method selected is one that is ascertained on the basis of the job type for which the hiring is being done.

The discussion makes it clear that the recruitment process is one that serves as the determinant of the prospective employee’s perception of the company as well as the legitimacy of the same. The recruitment comes across as an intricate functioning of multiple factors that should be kept in light when carrying out the process. It was also observed that the responsibility of selecting and establishing the recruitment process falls squarely on the shoulders of the human resource department and that coordination between the human resource department, the management the deputy managers is not uncommon in the carrying out of the selection procedure (Tassoni 2001). Furthermore, each position may require a distinct selection procedure considering the requirements of the job and the nature of applicants expected to apply or whose applications are desired. Nonetheless, a number of key elements were identified that are to be ensured for their presence in every selection procedure, regardless of the requirements of the vacant position or the candidates for the position.

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