Thesis: Employee Satisfaction in Ford India

Sample Thesis Paper

The comparative study of the human resource policies and the level of satisfaction of employees in Ford India and Toyota India reflect that employee satisfaction in Ford India is slightly higher in various areas. The satisfaction level of employees of Ford India was higher as compared to Toyota India in the areas related to working conditions, overall environment and job description whereas the satisfaction level in Toyota India was higher in terms of relationship with superiors. The overall satisfaction levels show that the employees of Ford India are much more satisfied and motivated. Employees of Ford were also more aware of the relationship between job satisfaction and quality of products and services than employees of Toyota.

The replies to survey questionnaires sent to customers of both companies were also analysed comparatively to find any differences in trends and patterns for both companies. The main questions were related to satisfaction levels in areas of product quality, quality of pre sales service and after sales service and satisfaction related to overall performance of cars and personnel of the two companies. The observation of replies to customer questionnaire explains that satisfaction level in these areas is quite higher among the customers of Ford India as compared to Toyota India.

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