Thesis: Employee’s Performance

Sample Thesis Paper

There is a strong connection between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction,” offers J.D. Power’s global hospitality director, Sam Thanawalla (Keeton 2008, p.D8),

Hart and Ferrell (1996) also state that “employee-customer relationship is the most crucial determinant factor in customer perception of service quality (Cited in Castro et al. 2004: 34)”. Therefore hotels can’t ignore that people are essential to a quality service delivery, which has a direct impact in guest’s experience, “since it’s very unlikely that employees will deliver an exceptional service when they are not satisfied with their work (Roger et al, 1994 cited in Gonzáles and Garazo 2006: 27)”.

According to Erstad (2001) the Forte Hotel Group recognised problems with satisfaction and implemented a change programme to redevelop the organisational culture. This investment meant more than one million hours of training, over three years, to ensure that employees were satisfied (Erstad 2001). Since not every hotel industry has the available capital to begin a training programme, a new tool should be recommended without affecting the hotel’s budget.

Nelson and Bowen (2000) suggest that this tool should be the consideration of employee uniforms. Uniforms do not only identify members of the organisation so that customers can distinguish guests from service representatives, but they also build identity in employees based on aesthetics or how they feel they are being viewed by others in their uniforms. Many hotel brands have strict uniform policies and mandate that their employees have neat, organised appearance. If employees are unhappy with their uniforms, they can have emotional effects which might be resistance to change, poor client interactions, higher turnover rates, or any number of business issues related to service delivery.

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