Thesis: Employee’s Satisfaction

Sample Thesis Paper


A recent study indicates that employees can be satisfied by simply “knowing how their pay is determined (Branham 2005, p.19)”. Pay is one of the determinants of employee satisfaction, for the fact that “employees may consider good wages to be solid feedback concerning their work as well as a reward for their ability or competence”(Wiley 1997).The research evidence suggests that clearly communicating the pay policies of the business can be a significant motivator, improving their satisfaction levels. This would also seem to represent a low-cost effort by just improving the internal communications methods to make sure that employees become engaged in their pay structure and pay options.

Organisation’s Atmosphere

The organisation’s atmosphere is strongly linked to employee satisfaction (Payne, 1998). Organisational ambience, in this context, represents the organisational structure and how the management/staff relationship is developed, “Managers can manipulate atmosphere as a tool to enhance the organizational performance” (Heide et al. 2009).The climate is the environment in which the employee works and is expected to perform his/hers tasks and at the same time be polite to the guests.

Hospitality entities, whether large or small, are complex entities requiring managers to work through frontline employees to manage every guest’s moment of truth and meet their goals” (Crotts et al. 2009,p.3). The hotel service delivery experience is complex, requiring employees at multiple areas to interact and plan their activities in a way that is inter-dependent on other organisational resource divisions. These moment of truth activities suggested by the author include the minute the client arrives at the front desk, to daily room and housekeeping, to amenities management, up until their final departure from the organisation. This inter-dependent, environment can likely provide stress and anxiety to the employees and make them less effective and productive, especially if there are co-workers problems arising which complicate their own job role functions.

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