Thesis: Employment and Labour Laws in India

Sample Thesis Paper

The employment and labour laws in any country affect how business is carried out in organisations and human resource management policies are implemented. International organisations have to devise human resource polices based on the employment and labour laws of the host country. The employment and labour laws in India are governed by List III- Concurrent List of the Constitution of India. These labour laws can be classified into four main categories of working conditions, labour relations, wages and monetary benefits and social security. However India is considered as a society where labour is overprotected by law; there are many cases of labour law violation especially in the area of child labour.

The international organisations doing business in India have to implement policies in close consideration with these laws. Some of the important legislations enacted regarding employment and labour include bonded labour systems abolition act, dangerous machines regulation act, employees’ provident fund and miscellaneous provisions act, employers’ liability act, equal remuneration act, minimum wages act and payment of gratuity act (Budhwa and Bhatnagar 2009).

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