Thesis: Environmental Factors for Colgate Palmolive

Sample Thesis Paper

Economical factors

The product shall be priced to be affordable and available in smaller denominations and packaging. This will allow consumers to purchase the selected amount of the product that they want.

Sociological Factors

The product may experience obstructions in market penetration on account of the sociological factors according to which consumers are hesitant in trying new products that pertain to healthcare unless they are provided with assurances. For this purpose, the product can be subjected to assessment and subsequent approval by a credible medical committee of board.

Opportunity and issue analysis


The product is one that will serve to make dental care more affordable than it ever was before on account of its availability in smaller packages. The product makes dental care more convenient and can also be marketed to consumers who seldom have time in the mornings to make sure that their teeth are good to go for the day. It is imperative to note in this regard that the product can not only be marketed to children but also to the working class and to students as well.


The product holds a weakness in the fact that unless consistent and continuous marketing operations are performed to reinforce the brand image, consumers may being to take account of competition from the dental care industry and the confectionary industry. Also, the product is one that may cause a decrease in the sales for other products by Colgate as well.


The product will be able to replace toothpastes and toothbrushes in industries such as the travel industry and the medical industry if expansion in the product range is designed to meet the requirements that the two industries have for dental care. For instance, airlines will have the option of providing passengers with this product rather than supplying them with a complete set of toothpaste, toothbrush and mouth wash for which the passengers will then have to go to the restroom in turns.


The product may fall into a position where it will run into competition from the dental care industry as well as the confectionary industry. A situation such as this will serve to contribute towards a bad brand image.

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