Thesis: Environmental Impacts of Hydro Power Plants

Sample Thesis Paper

Since it started throughout time it began expanding across the whole world generating from a few kilowatts to a couple of megawatts. It is a much cleaner, cheaper, efficient and reliable way to produce power than burning fossil fuels, for example which in the end damages the environment we live in as a society. As the demand for electricity rise in the middle of the century more coal and fuel power plants have been built except hydro power plants (A. Mohd 2004). There is a couple of reason for this happening, one of them is that for more power there needs to be more water flowing through the turbine’s to generate electricity, so people started building dams near villages and city’s which then become a environmental issue like floods. (Thomas M. Welte, 11-15 June, 2006)

These are one of the impacts of very large hydro projects which people are taking into consideration. For this reason engineers developed micro hydro power plants that generate between 50KW to 100KW of power. Hydro turbines convert potential energy into electricity which is falling water that turns the turbine’s propeller wheel into a circular motion, due the motion of the propeller a magnetic field is created inside the generated which produces electricity. Hydro power plants are the world’s largest renewable energy source producing 15% of world’s electricity(Thomas M. Welte, 11-15 June, 2006). As one of the world’s most renewable energy sources, there is also a proper inspection and maintenance which can cost a lot of money, for example a 100 Mega Watt generator for hydro power, maintenance, repair and inspection cost can sum up to 4.5-5 Million Australian dollars over a period of 30 years on average. (G. Jian,  2005)

But projects depending how big and how much power to produce can cost around 8 Billion Australian dollars and more. The 100 Mega Watt generator with all the installation cost is around 8 Billion Australian dollars, this project was calculated in 2006 in Sweden. (G. Jian,  2005) Comparing this cost to the big power projects, for example, nuclear power, the cost is ten times more and depending on how much power is produced. In conclusion hydro power is one world’s most reusable energy source and with so much water available to planet earth, we can use this energy for to further increase our electrical usage in our society.

Hydro power plants convert potential energy of water into electrical energy. It is a clean energy source for the environment. After the water generated the electricity, it is used for irrigation and other purposes. Hydro power continues to play a major role in our society since it started back in 1882 was a waterwheel on the Fox River in Wisconsin. (A. Mohd 2004)

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