Thesis: Environmental Impacts of Hydro Power

Sample Thesis Paper

Hydro power advancing involves considerable changes to our environment, but the advantages to some of these alteration are changeable. These environmental impacts include negative effects, which include the whereabouts of which a dam is constructed, the sites must be suitable for which the hydro power electricity is generated and it makes it more attractive as in comparison to other electricity production plants. However some of these hydropower plants are more appropriate for a particular environment than others. This is why it’s necessary that the environmental conditions are met before the project planning has commenced. In our days new effective measures are known in reducing a range of impacts to our environment.

Many changes occur including water quality such changes include water temperature also change in oxygen which can cause erosion to heavy metals. However Physical Environmental impacts can contribute to dam failures such as earthquakes and Landslides. These environmental impacts can cause a range of negative effect on biotic life. In order to construct a hydro power plant excessive habitats must be destroyed or removed due to this many wild life animal will be left homeless or dead. This will decrease the population of some species if many projects such as this occur in the habitats, this will lead to extinction.

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