Thesis: Environmental Protection Laws

Sample Thesis Paper

The Environmental protection laws are taken so seriously by the government that the Environmental Agency and its contractors May Gurney Ltd were also fined a sum of thirty five thousand pounds. They were fined due to the polluting of the river Barle in Devon (Crowhurst, Co, Murphy, & Building. 2006).  The agency has also encouraged companies to think outside the box and come up with ideas that will recycle even more waste and avoid its disposal in landfills. They have actually sought to use twice the amount of waste product in the building of projects and motorways are to be recycled as well (Schoon 1994).

The British Government has studies which show that continued savings for efficient waste management from companies can actually net them a collective savings of 6.9 billion pounds a year (Envirowise 2007). In addition the United Kingdom has actually pledged upwards of ten billion pounds towards improving their waste recovery and treatment infrastructure by 2020 ( AMA Research 2009). They eventually will have to continue to improve if they ever which to reach the sheer efficient disposal methods achieved by the Netherlands or Denmark. The Netherlands currently reuse or recycle 80% of their waste while Denmark is at 90% (Drechsler 2006). It cannot be denied that the Environmental Protection Act has had a huge effect on the outlook and procedures of construction companies today. With the continued support of the government and coming legislations which will hopefully create better waste disposal methods while catering to the company’s bottom line. It is only a matter of time before we see how this story will continue.

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