Thesis: Environmental Safety Concerns and Legislation

Sample Thesis Paper

The first step to ensuring the success of such an operation is the hiring of a site agent. A site agent is a person who has knowledge and information about various environmental safety concerns and legislations and can oversee projects, inform the relevant personal and ensure that all projects meet environmentally safe standards. They are constantly trained on an ongoing basis in the company to ensure they are up to date on their legislative information. Their main goals are now directed towards fully integrating all environmental procedures into their company policies. In order to do this they have ensured that they will consider the environmental risks when considering any project, safe work method statements in order to ensure that damage to the environment is as less as possible, the close observance of environmental matters and their incorporation into health and safety measures as well as ensuring they are overseen by a site agent.

They have also reserved strict guidelines for reviewing the environmental impacts at these sites, including planning in terms of any environmental issues present. They have also made various rules within their company as a pre-prevention measure. Firstly they have ensured that all materials they use will be done so according to the instructions of the manufacturer. They have also ensured that all of their mechanical equipment is maintained and silenced in order to avoid noise pollution. They have made arrangements to protect the habitats of animals where they are doing construction work even transplanting species if necessary and making sure they are aware of their protected status. They have also created controls to ensure that pollutants that are used at construction sites such as hydrocarbons, silt, paints, cement based products; chemicals and contamination are kept within procedural limits. They also realized that construction work can of course cause the production of dust. Additionally any materials that can be a cause for human health concerns are taken into account. They are also carrying out guidelines for limiting the amount of noise and vibrations at construction sites (Adroit Construction Services 2005).

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