Thesis: Environmental and Safety Law

Sample Thesis Paper

When we consider the historical effects of waste production on nature, we find that the production of waste in pre-industrial times was not as extensive as it is today. At the time people used to live in less concentrated groups and their waste production did not affect the ecosystem around them. However the dawn of the industrial age has brought with it problems of over population and thus an increasing demand for materials, this lead to the creation of waste disposal systems. They not only got rid of the excess waste but also endeavored to find ways to reuse materials.

One of the first waste legislations ever passed in the United Kingdom was in 1848 by way of the Public Health Act. This act was extended in 1875 to include legislation which gave local authorities the duty of waste removal and disposal. It also specified that the members of the household had to collect all of their waste in a movable receptacle. When the manufacturing of plastics reached their peak around the 1950s there was a substantial increase in the amount of non-biodegradable plastic packaging and toxic inks which increased the amount of waste produced within cities. It was not until 1936 that the Public Health Act was again revised to include rules which saw the accumulation of waste as a health hazard. This Act also laid down guidelines for the creation and management of landfill sites and allowed the law to prosecute anyone who would overlook them.

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