Thesis: Epistemology

Sample Thesis Paper

In this paper, I shall shed light on the top most and most trusted authorities that I have with regard to the knowledge that I seek. I shall also shed light on the approach that I follow in the event that I observe a contradiction to take place between the directions given to me by my authorities. In order to further explore the epistemological basis of how I consider myself to acquire knowledge; I will also explore the degree of relevance I give to discourse and to silence individually. The purpose of this paper is to allow myself an opportunity to contemplate upon the logic behind my selection of my most trusted authorities.
I know what I know through the observations I make from three authorities that are my father, my mother, and my personal experiences. I take lessons from my mother and my father based on the experiences that they narrate to me and discuss in general. I am fortunate that my mother and my father are two people who are distinctly different from each other. My father is a person who is considerably street smart. He works as a sales manager and comes into contact with different kinds of people.

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