Thesis: ERP Implementation Systems

Sample Thesis Paper

The meta-analytic statistical techniques will follow literatures, case studies and case duties to guarantee accuracy, reliability, replicable and sensitivity of the compulsory CSF. The literature review will cover past and recent studies on the causes of failures in ERP implementation. The literature will analyze secondary information from peer-reviewed journals, books, articles, newspapers and any relevant organizational internal memos.

The case studies on the other hand will collate views of relevant personnel in the ERP implementation cycles based on their role and position in the ERP implementation systems. The case studies will review the outcomes of Hershley, Nike, and Foxmeyer among others. The correlated information and data will also be analysed and ranked for urgency and importance for critical strengths to set agenda for the most to least compulsory in diminishing order of importance. This has implications that the case study method is the most appropriate approach for this study because such triangulated outcomes can replicate in other organizations. The case study of Critical Failure Factors will guide the study to the next level of determining the Critical Success Factors. The following Critical Failure Factor table outlines parameters that will be evaluated amongst the case study organizations and literature review:

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