Thesis: ERP Project Team Selection

Sample Thesis Paper

The importance of cross-functional team for ERP project has been highly emphasised in the works of previous literature (Markus et al., 2000; Mabert et al., 2003; Nah et al., 2001; Gupta, 2000). In all the three cases from Enterprise Ireland (2003), managers from different divisions were included in the project team. The cross-functional team had a critical role in formulating the business requirements by assessing the specific needs in their respective departments.As stated in case study of Company CEI ,they helped in bringing together strategic, customer, technical and operational perspectives for the optimal solution.

Pilot customers were also included in the project team in case of Company CEI. They played a significant role in giving their inputs in the requirement analysis stage. Company CEI, which was a subsidiary of a large firm had the privilege of including some of the staff from their parent company in order to ensure smooth rolling of the project. External consultants and vendor team also played a very crucial role in the project team, which would be discussed separately in the next section due to its significance in the project.

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