Thesis: ERP Teamwork & Composition

Sample Thesis Paper

The ERP implementation team should comprise of the best and brightest people (Cliffe, 1999; Bingi et al., 1999; Laughlin, 1999; Siriginidi, 2000) who are chosen for their experience (McAdam & Galloway, 2005; Cliffe, 1999; Umble et al., 2003), skills (Cliffe, 1999; Sumner, 2000; Umble et al., 2003; Bingi et al., 1999) and flexibility ( Cliffe, 1999;  Umble et al., 2003). Building a cross-functional team is also critical (Markus et al., 2000; Mabert et al., 2003; Nah et al., 2001; Gupta, 2000). The team should be balanced with the right mix of business analysts, technical experts and users from within the implementation company and consultants from external companies (Parr & Shanks, 2000).The team members should be empowered to make critical decisions (Cliffe, 1999; Parr & Shanks, 2000; Mabert et al., 2003; Umble et al., 2003).The internal resources should be aware of the best business practices in the industry, understand the overall needs of the company and thus, play an important role in guiding the project efforts in the right direction (Bingi et al., 1999).Laughlin (1999) states that the project team will face organisational resistance to changing the status quo while implementing ERP and therefore must plan accordingly.

An important key issue is improving the employees morale (Bingi et al., 1999) as there have been cases of high turnovers of project personnel despite receiving handsome bonuses (Markus et al., 2000; Sumner, 2000). Training and reskilling of ERP project staff is also highly emphasized (Sumner, 2000). The hiring of right consultants is also very critical (Bingi et al., 1999; Sumner, 2000; Welti, 1999, p.139; Vosburg & Kumar, 2001) as they have in-depth knowledge of the software (Welti, 1999, p.139). Using a mix of consultants and internal staff to work on a project team enables internal staff members to grow the necessary skills for ERP systems design & implementation (Sumner, 2000).

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