Thesis: ERP Vendor Selection

Sample Thesis Paper

Bingi et al. (1999) state that selecting a suitable product is very important. They further state that management needs to enquire about the vendor’s market focus (midsize/large organisation) , its track record with customers, vision of the future, and with whom it is strategically aligned. Siriginidi (2000) suggests the criteria for selecting an ERP vendor: stability and history of the company, last 12-month track of sales, implementation support, availability of third party product with the package, improvement in ERP package , stability and functionality of the package.

Ferman (1999) states that some vendors offer a full suite of products covering “all” needs nicely linked together, while others focus on a specific business need and provide a ‘best-of-breed’ system, leaving it to customers to debate the benefits of each. Umble et al. (2003) state that while price is a frequently a major factor of selection, firms should not underemphasize other important criteria such as supplier support, ease of implementation, closeness of fit to the company’s business, flexibility when the company’s business changes, technological risk and value.

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