Thesis: Etelos CRM Application

Sample Thesis Paper

The Etelos CRM application is one that is designed to facilitate the implementation of CRM activities. It is designed to provide Managers with automated information on the standing of their CRM strategies and by doing so; it makes it easier to follow up with prospective clients and with the current client base (Apple Inc., 2007).

The Etelos CRM brings together all the commonly referred to elements in a CRM strategy which include Email management, contact management, appointment management and task management (Etelos, Inc., 2009).  All of these feature come together in the Etelos CRM through user friendly interfaces designed to allow the user to carry out functions with minimum usage of time and through the shortest learning curve possible.

The Etelos CRM Smartphone application is one that gives relevant and due priority to contacts that the user can classify as leads and those that may be potentially prospective (Apple Inc., 2007). This attribute comes in as most effective when considered in supplement with the fact that the Etelos CRM has been designed to facilitate team based interaction through its import and export functions.

A particular reason because of which this iPhone application is of relevance is the fact that it allows the user to generate a history for each contact every time a conversation is carried out with or a message is sent to the contact (Etelos, Inc., 2009). This history can then be viewed instantly whenever required and serves to provide the user with comprehensive information about the contact. This comprehensive information in turn allows users to form productive relationships with the contacts.

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